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Let us Give Your Home Some Outpatient Therapy!

We believe that if you love your home, your life will improve dramatically. With our innovative ideas, we can transform your home to reflect your personality, while creating beauty and tranquility for a more peaceful existence.

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Opened near the end of 2011, Resale Therapy has been growing ever since with more inventory than ever before. It's all in how you approach it. The "sensory overload" feeling a shopper gets when they walk through our doors appeals to very discriminating tastes.

There are no rules here. Whether you're interested in Art Deco, Boho Chic, Country Comfort, Mid Century Modern, lavish Palm Beach style, a combination of all or just you, this is the place to shop!

We both buy and consign. Only the best furnishings and accessories from South Florida's finest homes comes to us. We even have a designer on our staff to help you with all of your decorating needs.

There is something for everyone here. Just one, little new item for your home can make all the difference, and put a smile on your face, too! We want you to love your home (you'll love your life even more!)

C'mon, get in the spirit!

Monday - Saturday:


10:00am - 5:00pm


by Liz Lyons - Owner

Making your home your greatest pleasure is a luxury we all need to indulge in. As our lives evolve, so should our interiors. Like getting a haircut or waking up your wardrobe, adding a new piece to your home will give you renewal and rejuvenation. Your home is the best place to invest your money and energy. It is where you live physically, spiritually and emotionally.

At Resale Therapy, you'll find home furnishings and accessories with one-of-a-kind style. Many of our items have a very interesting history and will instantly update your room. We are very particular in what we choose. In fact, many of our items come from the finest estates in Southern Florida. Our store is a decorator's delight!

Mixing the new with the old, or pairing items from completely different price ranges is a sign of a great design. We often get so familiar with our surroundings that we become afraid of change. Why add that splash of color, put up a vintage chandelier, or add a pair of mid-century chairs? Because it will enliven your space and put a smile on your face!

Whether you have a taste for beautiful coffee table books, Italian porcelain, or French mirrors, building your collections can enrich your decor and your family relationships. Whatever you choose, buy something you love, not something that necessarily  has monetary value. A wonderful set of China with antique wine glasses can liven up any meal. An architectural fragment set out on a coffee table will intrigue your guests. Old boxes and cabinets make a great home for your jewelry. An older Persian rug will warm up and unify any space. Get artistic by hanging some interesting art. You can get a great look without spending a lot of money, especially when you buy resale.

Our staff here at Resale Therapy can help you discover your look. We will help you find your look and style. Our store is filled with astonishing objects to make your home, and your life, more beautiful.

And remember...

4595 Northlake Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33418

Monday - Saturday:


10:00am - 5:00pm

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