Have you found your furniture doesn’t complement your interior design, maybe you’re moving, downsizing, or merging two households? … You need Resale Therapy.

When selling furniture yourself, you’re responsible for pricing, advertising, having strangers in your home, even moving it. That’s a huge expenditure of time and energy, plus you may not get the results you want. We offer the consignor (seller) a safe, convenient, no-hassle alternative to selling it themselves.

Consignor's Advantages

Start Your Way to a Resale Therapy Consignment Now!

Send us a photo of the item you want to sell along with a description and price. We'll call you and let you know what we think!

For more information on consigning with Resale Therapy,
please call us at (561) 691-4590.

* $40.00 minimum pick-up fee / Must be within a 15 mile radius of our
location .